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Established in 1986 and 1987 respectively, Test Solutions (TSL) Ltd. and Elite Interfaces Ltd (ELITE) have grown to become two of the leading suppliers of test solutions and services to the electronics manufacturing industry.

TSL and Elite  successfully merged in 2011, pooled their resources, to become the Premier supplier of Test Solutions and Services in Europe.

By combining our long-term applications knowledge with the distribution of a number of Assembly, Inspection and Test products, EliteTSL are able to provide complete Turnkey and Integration solutions to a wide variety of Assembly Process demands.

With in-depth experience across all major ICT platforms (Teradyne, GenRad and Agilent), the EliteTSL client base contains many key electronics manufacturers, both OEM and CEM, drawn from consumer, computer, telecoms, automotive and aerospace industries. The quality of our ICT programmes and fixturing, combined with our on-going support ensures continuous repeat business from this Customer base.

However, EliteTSL is about more than programming and fixturing. Over the past 10 years, we have ventured more and more into the business of providing automated product solutions to the Electronics Equipment Assembly process. The first of these was a TSL-designed Automated Boardhandler produced to allow automation around the ICT test cell. This allowed companies to realise significant savings, particularly in telecoms and automotive manufacturing, and a large installed base was soon realised. This was followed shortly afterwards by an innovative scheme which allowed Customers to rent high performance ICT systems thus allowing users on tight budgets to get access to the test technologies they needed to test their products.

In addition, EliteTSL have put in place a support infrastructure to ensure our Customer’s needs can be met with regard to Applications, Integration, Installation, Training and Field Maintenance services.

While EliteTSL will continue to expand into new product and geographic areas, our over-riding goals will always relate to Customer Satisfaction and the development of long term, mutually beneficial Customer relationships.


To use Innovation, Quality , Customer understanding and Support to develop a World Class business.


To be the leading world-wide supplier of Innovative Test Solutions for the Electronic Manufacturing community. Using our engineering skills and business acumen to partner with our customers to produce high quality solutions that precisely meet their needs making successful in their businesses.

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